Jenniah Michel, 16 Years of age. Leo. A queen on a Journey. Lover of Christ, Poetry and Neo-Soul. Striving to reach the best of my Abilities. My goal is to make a difference and witness a Miracle. Welcome.

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You become like the 5 people you spend most of your time with. #choosewisely


Michael Kuwa - Girls With Natural Hair Slide Show


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Such a cool song and such beautiful people :) #TeamNatural all the way and thanks to you I’m about to go on a following spree to follow all these beauties 😁 Loved it! &Thanks for featuring me ❤️

Participated in the Susan G Komen breast Cancer walk today 💗

Jazmine Sullivan - Masterpiece (Mona Lisa) at 365 Black Awards 2014 →

A couple of months ago I was watching BET and i so happened to watch the 365 Black awards the first night it came on. When i watched it i remember my favorite performance being Jazmine Sullivan’s song “Masterpiece”. It’s actually a new but not recent song… It’s is supposed to be on her upcoming album. Even though it has been quite some time i still go on youtube and listen to this song over and over. I love it so much! Lol she needs to hurry up and drop this album we’ve missed her music

Here is the link to it so you can listen to it if you all like.

Clear your mind.

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sometimes at 2am I just sit and think “damn, I’m so young. I have so much living to do, why am I’m stressing over things that are only a fraction of where I’ll be ten years from now?” and suddenly I feel okay again.

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Girls With Natural Hair Slide Show Update →


Song Link:

OK so the slide show will be done and should be up by Friday (17 Oct). A big thank you to the following people for making this possible:

twelve-six myqween gloriiamercy habibiicheshire chizohfro



To the people who have found and are working at their calling in life, keeping going I’m proud of you.

To people still trying to find theirs it’s all right you will find it and when you do you will be amazing at it.

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Entertain a clown and you become a part of the circus..

you can’t please everybody.

Instagram: @genuine_jenn

Instagram: @genuine_jenn

You’re always haunted by the idea you’re wasting your life.

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Yesterday, October 8th, 2014 a group of students and myself from William H. Turner Technical Arts High School was given the privilege and opportunity to be a part of a most prestigious event. A trip to Keiser University. I must say this truly was an amazing experience! We’re all a group of aspiring students who are determined to be the next global leaders in society. I had a really great time and learned a lot. #Ourfuturestartsnow